Teddy Man ~ Enhanced w/Teddy BB

Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie

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Love Potion: Teddy Man fragrance label, featuring hot chick in her underwear, kissing a teddy bear.

Sexy comes in all manner of guises, and one of the MOST attractive is a teddy man, a man who is so purr-worthy that he begs to be snuggled…which can lead to other, more explicit pursuits. This deliciously masculine scent features a luscious mix of walnut, mosses and woods with accents of vetiver, amber, and sweet pipe tobacco, made oh-so-sexy with rich black musk. Containing our exclusive TEDDY BB pheromone blend, which evokes the “Alpha Male at Peace” persona, this fragrance will pull them close…what happens after that is up to you.

Note to the gals…You can wear this too! Females tend to find both the scent and the phero formula very soothing, comforting, and an excellent combatant against daily stress as well as PMS symptoms. A snuggle inducing pheromone enhanced fragrance that both men and women can wear. Super cozy and sensual! Try it on your pillow to encourage restful sleep!


Magickal Meanings of Ingredients:
AMBER ~ Fertility, creativity, luck, riches.
WALNUT ~ Wishes granted, strengthens the heart, Dark earthly powers.
TEAKWOOD ~ Longevity, bonding, weathering all conditions, endurance.
MAHOGANY ~ Fertility, growth, grounding, clarifying, bonds of love.
SUGAR ~ Attracts love, sweetness and riches. Lust inducing.
MOSSES ~ Luck enhancing, financial success, protection, charity. Nurturing love.
VETIVER ~ Enhances perception of beauty. Love, sensuality, money, luck, hex-breaking.
MUSK ~ Self confidence and strength, heightens passions and arousal.


    Created By: Mara ~ Love Potion® Magickal Perfumerie
    Description By: Julie ~ Luna65

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