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Pherotine! Hedione - Nature's Sexual Attractant

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Pherotine! Hedione - Nature's Sexual Attractant
Pherotine! Hedione - Nature's Sexual Attractant
Pherotine! Hedione - Nature's Sexual Attractant

Hedione – Nature’s Sexual Attractant

Hedione is a Jasmine dirivitive which has been discovered to evoke a pheromone-like response, especially in women when worn by men. It gives off a lovely fresh airy floral note which is often added to fragrances for both sexes.

*** This is an undiluted sample, please dilute in fragrance or unscented oil before applying to the skin.

A 1-3% concentration is recommended in fragrance. The supplier of this lot says that up to a 10% concentration can be used. Adds an airy floral bouquet to your fragrance of choice. Best blended with other florals or fruits, resins, clean, or green scents.

Glass bottle with glass dropper, 4.5 mls.

UNscented Pheromones FYI: Unscented does not mean odor-free! They do indeed have an odor, some are light, some are stronger, and thus should ALWAYS be worn along with fragrance of your choice. You can add a few drops directly to your perfume bottle or layer them on your skin...a drop of phero oil first, then a dab of your perfume on top.

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