Pherotine! ~ Estratetraenol ~ Single Pheromone Molecule

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PHEROTINE IS HERE! Our annual event is on now! UNscented Pheromone Trials available for a limited time!

ESTRATETRAENOL ~ aka EST is naturally produced only by pregnant women. It inspires the nurturing protective feelings that people of all genders generally have towards pregnant women. It creates an air of vulnerability, and is “ultra” feminizing, called “female magic” by some in the phero trade. Can make men behave very chivalrously, encourages cuddling, and can be a serious turn-on for some kinds of men. It makes the wearer feel adored, inspires others to be cherishing and extraordinarily helpful and solicitous. Many men find it calming and soothing. Some women report the feeling of girlyness or “ditsy-ness” when wearing a high dosage.

However, not everyone responds to EST the same way… it’s a relatively rare effect, but some people are irritated by vulnerable women, and as a subconscious chemical signal, it can frighten off some men in the same manner as an unexpected pregnancy might. This last effect seems to happen most often with heavier dosing and with younger men.

It is helpful to keep in mind that MORE is NOT BETTER when using pheromones. If you experience little to no effects wearing this or other blends, or experience people seemingly avoiding you, wear LESS and your responses should improve.

Each Blend is approx 4.5 mls of this single molecule pheromone, at a strength of 3,000 mcg per ounce, in a base of DPG Oil, packaged in a glass bottle with a dropper cap.
Ingredients: DPG, Pheromones.

UNscented Pheromones FYI: Unscented does not mean odor-free! They do indeed have an odor, some are light, some are stronger, and thus should ALWAYS be worn along with fragrance of your choice. You can add a few drops directly to your perfume bottle or layer them on your skin...a drop of phero oil first, then a dab of your perfume on top.

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