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NoCo Collection - Choose Your Scent!

Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie

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Love Potion: NoCo perfume label, featuring a cute pinup girl looking distressed that she ripped her stockings.
NoCo Collection - Choose Your Scent!
NoCo Collection - Choose Your Scent!
NoCo Collection - Choose Your Scent!
NoCo Collection - Choose Your Scent!

Our cover girl seems vaguely distressed to learn that there’s NO Copulins in these blends (thus the name NoCo), but popular demand has swayed us to offer our popular OCCO, Bam and Magnet scents without pheros, so that the user may wear them alone or with other pheros of their choice. So here ya go….

By popular request! NoCo’s are VIRGIN versions of the scents we use in our OCCO, LAM and BAM phero blends. These are concentrated perfume oils with NO pheros.

Scent Choices:

* NoCo: White is a yummy blend of thick vanillas.
* NoCo: Pink is a flirty, girly blend of pinky cotton candy sugars with a drop of lemon and a tinge of amber for depth.
* NoCo: Red is a yummy sexy spicy blend of vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon, amber and a drop of apricot for brightness.
* NoCo: Blue is a cute tomboy kind of scent, crafted of oak moss, powdered sugar and sweet pipe tobacco.
* NoCo: Sugared Vanilla & Honey
* NoCo: Sandalwood & Resins
* NoCo: Spicy Brown Sugar - Brown sugar and cinnamon

Offered in 1/3 fl.oz. Oil roll-on bottles. Customization is welcome, just email!

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