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Mega Watt - UNscented Pheromone Blend

Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie

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Love Potion Pheromone label for Mega Watt, featuring steampunk image of a woman with a lighted electric eye.
An experimental pheromone formula for lending energy to the wearer. The concept was suggested by a forum member, and discussed by many of our message board members. Together we’ve come up with a formula containing DHEAS, Alpha Androstenol, Epi-Androsterone and AndrostEnone. Months of testing has proven this a successful and interesting blend. Our members find this blend helpful with focus and determination, assisting the completion of tasks.

This pheromone blend has little odor and can be easily layered or added to your fragrance of choice. It is safe to apply this blend anywhere on body, on hair or on clothes.

For best results, layer with - or add to - fragrance of your choice.

Contains 1,000 mcg of pheromones per bottle.

Please choose base: 100% Oil, 100% Alcohol, or 60%/40% Alcohol to Oil ratio.

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