DIY - Pure Dipropylene Glycol ~ aka DPG - 1 fl.oz.

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Pure Dipropylene Glycol ~ aka DPG - 1 fl.oz.

Highest grade, cosmetic quality, skin-safe unscented OIL base for fragrances, bath, body and hair products, and pheromone products.

Considered a clean, safe, hypoallergenic product, DPG is color-free and odorless, and is our carrier oil of choice as it offers the longest shelf life and least degradation to fragrance and pheromone products when properly stored, (ie., low light, cool side of room temp), over a period of years. When added to alcohol based products, it will act as a thickener and perhaps *lengthen the wear and/or slow the diffusion* of the product.

DPG blends seamlessly with most oil and alcohol based fragrance and pheromone products.

We are aware that our perfumes and pheromones are more concentrated than the average products on the market, so we are now offering DPG as a dilutant for perfumes and pheromones that you wish to wear in lesser concentration. Adding DPG to any of our perfumes or pheromones will dilute the product. We offer empty roll-on bottles and pipettes separately, to assist you with your mixes.

NOTE: DPG does not permanently blend with silicone or water bases - there's no ill effect from the combination, but like salad dressing, you have to shake before each use.

THIS IS AN ADD-ON ITEM. We offer these as a convenience for our clients and we're happy to add them to your ($25 minimum) package, but we will not ship these alone, thank you.

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