Cuddle Bunny - UNscented Pheromone Blend

Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie

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Love Potion Cuddle Bunny Pheromone label featuring 2 baby bunnies cuddling.
Product photograph of bottles of Love Potion Pheromones: Cuddle Bunny

A pheromone blend for cuddling…and what that inevitably leads to!

Ingredients are known to inspire nurturing protective feelings. Creates an air of vulnerability, is ultra feminizing. Can inspire men to behave chivalrously, and encourages cuddling. Can be a serious turn-on for men. Makes wearer feel adored, inspires others to be cherishing, helpful, solicitous. Many men find it calming and soothing too. A great 'sugar baby' blend.

Roll from belly button to cleavage and smoosh it around with your wrists. Allow to dry before putting on clothes. For best results - do NOT apply above the neckline - keep application points from cleavage on down. Crooks of elbows, back of knees and thighs are also good application points. Please only wear when appropriate to the situation...meaning, may not be appropriate for a work environment.

Even though this pheromone product is considered “unscented”, it is not fragrance free. The product itself has a rather distinctive aroma. For best results, apply to the torso area of the body, (rather than neck/face/hair or hands), and allow approx TEN MINUTES dry down time before putting on your clothes. Allowing for dry-down will give the pheromone blend time to meld with your skin chemistry and most of the odor will disappear… what remains should be easily covered by a fragrance of your choice. If you are uncomfortable with the process of trying to “cover” the odor of a pheromone blend, adding the pheromones directly to a bottle of fragrance will shorten the dry-down time and detectability of the pheromones.

Contains Estratetraenol and copulins.
Contains 1,000 mcg of pheromones per bottle.
We recommend this blend in oil.

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