Ashes to Dust - De Cenizas a Polvo - Autumn 2022

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Ashes to Dust - De Cenizas a Polvo - Autumn 2022
Our enduringly popular Ashes To Dust ritual oil fragrance possesses Latin American roots in the ingredients chosen for its construction and so is entirely fitting to be included in this collection which salutes the traditions of Dia de los Muertos. As this potion aids in envisioning rebirth, cleansing and forgiveness - for exorcising the past, bestowing blessings and protection, and welcoming renewal - it can be utilized for rituals associated with the celebration, such as the All Saints’ Day egg cleanse - una limpia - which involves rubbing an uncooked egg over the body to draw out impure energy. This perfume potion includes ingredients from all over the world for blessings, purification and new beginnings, including: Rose Geranium, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Palo Santo, Copal, Frankincense, Sage, Oakmoss, Benzoin, Rose Attar, Sea Salt, Holy Water. Use for shedding the weight of the past and welcoming the new.


ROSE GERANIUM ~ Blessings, Fertility, Love, Protection.
SANDALWOOD ~ Love, exotic, sensual atmospheric; aphrodisiac. Healing, spirituality, exorcism.
FRANKINCENSE ~ Purification, consecration, protection, exorcism. Associated with silver and the moon.
MYRRH ~ Stimulating, soothing. Powerful guard against evil.
OAKMOSS aka Wool of Bat ~ Protection, unconditional love, parental love.
BENZOIN ~ Prosperity, astral projection, purification.
ROSE ~ Self confidence, strong aphrodisiac properties, attracts affection & love, fertility, divination/clairvoyance.
PALO SANTO ~ Clearing of negative energy, purification, renewal, stress relief. SAGE ~ Healing, prosperity, cleansing. Wisdom, longevity, protection, wishes granted.
COPAL ~ Love, purification, cleansing.
SEA SALT ~ protection, purification, grounding, feminine energy. Resurrection, baptism.
WATER ACCORD ~ Cleansing, purifying. Fertility, Goddess energy, fluid of life. Renewal.


Scent: Powdery pale resins and sandalwood with a hint of floral. - Unisex.


Created By:  Mara Fox in collaboration with Israel Diaz, Brenda Castillo and Sacha Delgado.
Description By: Julie Skaggs ~ Luna65
Artwork: Mara and an AI Bot!

This year’s Autumn-Winter collection features an inspired collaboration with three dear friends of Latin American heritage: Israel Diaz and Brenda Castillo from Mexico, and Sacha Delgado from Puerto Rico, with the creation of an affectionate and mindful salute to the hallowed holiday observance of Dia de los Muertos, which is now celebrated in various countries and has taken root in popular culture worldwide. The scents of this celebration - to honor those loved ones who have passed on and remember their lives, as well as to remind the living that Life is sweet and should be enjoyed in the embrace of friends and family - can be found within these 13 fragrances, all aspects of traditions which stretch back (in some cases) centuries. Meditative and delicious, warm and ornate, and even a bit spooky - we hope you enjoy these lovingly-crafted fragrances and allow them to add a little MAGIC to your life!

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