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UNscented Pheromones

La Femme Noire - UNscented Pheromone Blend

Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie

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Love Potion Pheromone label for La Femme Noire, featuring painting of beautiful woman performing the Dance of the Seven Veils.
Love Potion Pheromone label for La Femme Noire, featuring painting of beautiful woman performing the Dance of the Seven Veils, on glass product bottles.

Tantrika says: I conceived this blend with the idea of receptive and aggressive feminine energy in mind. For women to welcome and allow for the natural flow of energy in your sexual relationship to unfold, enhancing your natural female qualities and inclinations whether alpha or more kittenish… whether you enjoy laying back and receiving or you like to be “on top”. I envision this as an enhancer to aid you in gently guiding your mate into any direction you choose without coercion or resistance. My hope for this blend is that it will assist you in making him feel like your desires are in fact his own, and satisfying them his all-encompassing need.

La Femme Noire: True feminine sex-appeal in a bottle. Cast Your Spell!

Roll from belly button to cleavage and smoosh it around with your wrists. Allow to dry before putting on clothes. For best results - do NOT apply above the neckline - keep application points from cleavage on down. Crooks of elbows, back of knees and thighs are also good application points. Please only wear when appropriate to the situation...meaning, may not be appropriate for a work environment. We recommend this blend in oil.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though this pheromone product is considered "unscented", it is not fragrance free. Product has a rather strong and distinctive aroma. For best results, apply to torso area of body, (rather than neck/face/hair/hands), and allow approx 10 MINS dry down time before putting on clothes. Allowing for dry-down will give the blend time to meld with your chemistry and most of odor will disappear; what remains will be easily covered by the fragrance.


For best results, layer with - or add to - fragrance of your choice.

Contains 1,000 mcg per bottle.

We recommend this blend in oil

Please choose base: 100% Oil, 100% Alcohol, or 60%/40% Alcohol to Oil ratio.

Includes the following pheromones: Estratetraenol, DHEAS, Beta-Androstenol, Alpha-Androstenol, Epi-Androsterone, Beta-THDOC, Androstadienone, Copulins. Androstenone.


Created by Tantrika & Mara ~ Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie

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