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UNscented Pheromones For Everyone

Mad Scientist Pheromone Mixture - Design Your Own!

Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie

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Love Potion Mad Science pheromone label featuring cartoon of cackling mad scientist in a lab with chemistry bottles.

Nyeheheheheheh! Mix and match any of our phero blends or single molecules to make your own unique blend. You're the boss, but use at your own risk!


This listing is for custom pheros, not for custom scents. Please choose one of our available scent blends, if applicable, when using this option. And make sure it is not already phero'd, you need a "virgin" scent to do this with. Thank you!


Note that Oils are only available in 1x. Sprays can be ordered in 2x and 3x, but 1x is still the recommended dose!

To assist you in forming your phero blends - with our measuring equipment, 1,000 mcgs = 30 drops. So just tell us how many drops you want of each thing and make sure your total is equal to 30 drops.

Fully Scented product means 10 mls of concentrated perfume oil added.

Lightly Scented product means 5 mls of concentrated perfume oil added.


A list of our available pheromone molecules and blends can be found here:




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