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Potion Bastet w/ Aja - Chakra Collection 2024 - Unisex

Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie

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Potion Bastet w/ Aja - Chakra Collection 2024 - Unisex
Potion Bastet w/ Aja - Chakra Collection 2024 - Unisex
Potion Bastet w/ Aja - Chakra Collection 2024 - Unisex

Potion Bastet with Aja

Much-loved and requested throughout the years, we offer to you now a new brew of our famed Potion Bastet, formulated with aims useful to all in this era.

A royal bevy of animalic musks - including artificial civit and ambergris - and musk ambrette seeds plus Indian Black Musk attar, sensually swirled into “dirty” honey, Aja - (a natural copulin analog), hand-tinctured bee pollen and lavishly rich amber EO.

Cats were considered deities to the ancient Egyptians and thus Bastet took the form of a cat goddess and possessed abilities which made cats treasured to that civilization, such as protection from various dangers (like plague). But as always in our perfumed pantheon, Potion Bastet is primarily a fertility and virility blend which aids in attraction and the broadcasting of your desirability, which is why we don’t generally recommend it for daytime wear (if you do, it could encourage people to keep their germs to themselves!).

For those who’ve enjoyed our other offerings such as The Rooster, Cat’s Eye, Ruthvah, and Oshun & Ogun we recommend an oblation to the Goddess by donning our sex-minded scented tribute!

SCENT: A filthy dirty/sexy honey-soaked sexy sexy musk blend, that's very sexy. Did we mention it's sexy? Don't wear this to work. Prrrmeow!


Each year the wheel turns once more and we begin the quest anew for a better life, for bringing our own unique talents and energies into harmony within and without. To assist you in the fulfillment of a positive New Year we offer our newest set of unisex Chakra Oils, each crafted with ingredients which vibrate within the frequency of the seven energy nodes of the body. Imbalances or blockages of the Chakras are thought to cause physical and emotional ills, while balanced Chakras are thought to allow the free flow of energy throughout the body. Wearing colors and scents of the proper vibrational hue are believed to open and balance and create a state where health and harmony thrive.

Utilize and enjoy these oils as fragrances to indulge your senses and in meditative work towards the realization of your highest self. Because here at LPMP we strive to encourage you to add a little MAGIC to your life…this year and for always.


Created By: Mara ~ Love Potion® Magickal Perfumerie
Description By: Julie ~ Luna65

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