Essence Oil – aka EoW Copulins – (for women)

Essence of Women - EoW Essence Oil - Pure Copulins for Women - UNscented Pheromone Blend

Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie

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Love Potion Pheromone label featuring text over coloful smoke image.
Love Potion Pheromone label featuring text on smoke  background on a glass bottle.

Pure Copulins in an OIL base, the effect of which is purportedly strong and immediate sexual attraction.

1/3 fl.oz. Oil in Glass Roll On Bottle.

What is this stinky stuff? ESSENCE OIL is a DIY PERFUME ADDITIVE, a pheromone product for women that MUST be worn together with fragrance. Copulins are a chemical signal that a woman is ready to have sex. Pheromones are sterile lab recreations of human bodily secretions.

* More does NOT mean better when it comes to pheromones, and especially copulins. Use this product sparingly. It only takes 4 drops per gallon to achieve a response using copulins, so keep your usage modest.

* If you are applying directly to the skin, just one small swipe from the roller in the vicinity of your cleavage or torso is enough. Cover with a fragrance of your choice. Wait a full ten minutes dry down time before putting on your clothes. Do not get this product on your clothes or on your hair, as it requires skin chemistry in order for the odor to calm down.

* If you are uncomfortable with the process of trying to "cover" the odor of a pheromone blend, adding the pheromones directly to a bottle of fragrance will shorten the dry-down time and detectability of the pheromones. In the case of copulins, 4-10 drops of copulins per bottle of perfume is sufficient.

* Rich scents makes the best copulin covers, such as vanilla, fruit, honey, or resins.

* Even though this pheromone product is considered "unscented", it is not fragrance free. The product itself has a rather distinctive and strong aroma. For best results, apply to the torso area of the body, (rather than neck/face/hair or hands), and allow approx TEN MINUTES dry down time before putting on your clothes. Allowing for dry-down will give the pheromone blend time to meld with your skin chemistry and most of the odor will disappear... what remains should be easily covered by a fragrance of your choice.

For additional application tips, come on over and join us on our message boards where you will find uncensored perfume and pheromone reviews, lively conversation, and friendly advice! Looking forward to meeting you there! :D


Created By: Mara  & Stone Labs for Love Potion® Magickal Perfumerie

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