5) The Power and Magic of Colors

There are several schools of thought that ascribe power to the different colors we wear and surround ourselves with. The way that our eyes perceive different colors, just like the way that our ears perceive different tones of sound, are in fact vibrational wavelengths, and those vibrational wavelengths can effect our mood, state of mind, and even our health.

When we find ourselves attracted to certain colors, it can perhaps mean that our bodies are craving that vibrational wavelength, much the same way our bodies might crave a particular food. If you are craving a salad, it is because your body needs a salad. If you are craving meat, your body may be in need of protein or iron. When you are attracted to a color, feel a craving for it, there is likely a healthful need for wanting to expose yourself to that particular vibrational wavelength.

This is not a “New Age” fancy; the science of color therapy and its effect on people’s moods is long-established and accepted. School rooms are traditionally painted pale green because this is a color of concentration. Patients experiencing violent emotions are never placed into a red room – the color of passion, they are ideally placed in a pale pink room – the color of nurturing love, or a baby blue room – the color of relaxation and peace, and an ideal shade for a bedroom and peaceful sleep.

When I had my shop in Venice Beach, I would often speak with people wanting to buy a certain color of crystal that someone else had told them they “needed”. Such as, “I came to you to buy a bloodstone because a psychic told me I needed to wear one.” So I would show them the bloodstones – deep green in color, with little red spots. But the reaction, was, “Eh, but I like THIS one! What’s this?” It’s an amethyst. “Oh, but I’m not supposed to be buying an amethyst, I need a bloodstone. What’s this one, I like this one!” Yes, that’s an amethyst too. And they would proceed to pick the same color, over and over, until I explained to them what I just typed above: If you are attracted to amethyst, perhaps it’s because your body needs that shade of purple. Your body is craving that vibrational wavelength.

So, allow yourself to be attracted to the colors that please you that day. Be it an article of clothing, the color of a room, an object, a piece of jewelry, or a crystal, because what you crave, may be exactly what you need!


Those of you versed in the Chakras or in the meanings of Stones and Crystals will find these definitions familiar, as will those who use colored candles to amplify the power of their prayers/wishes/spells. Although the lore of each comes from different disciplines, from different parts of the world and throughout the ages of history, it is amazing how they overlap and are either identical or have much in common.

In the language of Color Therapy, …

BLACK is the color of protection and deflection of negativity.

BLUE is the color of communication. The vibrational wavelength protects the area of the throat, including the thyroid/metabolism.
* PALE BLUE is the color of peace and relaxation.
* TURQUOISE BLUE is a friendship attracting hue.

BROWN is the color of the earth, and a “grounding” hue. Said to assist those who are distracted or focused on the spiritual plane come down to earth, and focus on the physical plane.

METALLIC GOLD is ‘masculine’ in energy. It represents the sun and aggressive/projective take-charge behavior. It is a wealth attracting color.

GREEN is the color of life – of health, wealth and prosperity – healing and bodily renewal. It is also said to stimulate creativity. Gazing at something green is said to restore tired eyes.
* PALE GREEN is the color of studious concentration and the conscious mind.

ORANGE is the color of confidence, and is said to invigorate the body, lending strength and energy.

PINK is the color of love. It is said to attract love, inspire adoration and help inspire self-love too. A soothing and nurturing hue.

PURPLE is the color of the sub-conscious mind, of the psychic mind, of the dream state, creativity and spirituality.

RED is the color of passion. Of passionate love and sex, yes, but can escalate passionate emotions of all kinds.

METALLIC SILVER is ‘feminine’ in energy. It represents the moon and receptive energies. Said to convey an aura of protection, especially around females.

WHITE light contains all colors, just as white noise contains all frequencies. It is a color of purity and cleansing.

YELLOW is the symbolic color of the body’s core, the solar plexus, the area of the belly button – the original source of your life. It represents courage and strength and helps quell fear.

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