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Summer Collection 2021 - Sets and Specials

Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie

Regular price $44.95
Summer Collection 2021 - Sets and Specials

This is the place to purchase entire sets of bottles or trials at a deeply discounted price, while supplies last!

The Summer Collection 2021 includes 15 fragrances:

  1. Ash
  2. Beflower w/ Hedione
  3. Gogo
  4. Hazy Sage (Unisex)
  5. Juju
  6. Katje
  7. Keyani
  8. Kiki w/ EoW Copulins
  9. Lirial
  10. Maeve
  11. Mister (Masculine/Unisex)
  12. Okulo w/ Hedione
  13. Papi Chulo (Unisex)
  14. Rubylicious
  15. The Salty Mermaid


Trial Sets are discounted by over 40% and there is a maximum limit of 2 per household.
Bottle Sets are discounted by over 20% and there is no limit.

Set of 15 Trials ~ a $76.50 value for $44.95 - ($31.55 discount)
Set of 15 Bottles ~ $382.25 value for $299.95 - ($82.30 discount)

Trials contain 1.75 mls, Roll-on bottles contain 1/3rd oz.


These are people you are likely to see, when you visit Love Potion Perfumerie!

We’ve got plenty to celebrate this Summer because now we can finally start to emerge from our collective isolation and reunite in the pursuit of fun and sun and plenty of good times, which includes visiting the good people of LPMP at our palace of whimsy and magickal goodies!

The colorful labels for this collection feature members of our LPMP family, friends and beloved customers whose lovely, handsome, and adorable visages we can’t live without...and we hope to see yours very soon too! We encourage you to fully enjoy the summer with these wonderful fragrances and friendly faces.


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