PHEROTINE! DHEAS ~ Single Pheromone Molecule

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PHEROTINE! DHEAS ~ Single Pheromone Molecule
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PHEROTINE IS HERE! Our annual event is on now! UNscented Pheromone Trials available for a limited time!

DHEAS aka Dehydroepiandrosterone Sodium Sulfate ~ DHEAS is produced and can be worn by all genders. It is assumed to be associated with bonding between people. The effects appear to be the stimulating of friendliness and kindness from strangers, and a bonding aid for existing relationships. It has been said to have a "youth serum" type effect, reportedly making the wearer feel energized and upbeat, and also producing a "butterfly-like" feeling of excitement.

Each bottle is approx 4.5 mls of this single molecule pheromone, at a strength of 3,000 mcg per ounce, in a base of DPG Oil, packaged in a glass bottle with a dropper cap.
Ingredients: DPG, Pheromones.

UNscented Pheromones FYI: Unscented does not mean odor-free! They do indeed have an odor, some are light, some are stronger, and thus should ALWAYS be worn along with fragrance of your choice. You can add a few drops directly to your perfume bottle or layer them on your skin...a drop of phero oil first, then a dab of your perfume on top.

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