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OCCO 2019: Sandalwood, Sage & Myrrh ~ Enhanced w/Copulins - UNISEX Blend!

Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie

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Love Potion OCCO Sandalwood, Sage & Myrrh label featuring text on a blue and green mandala background.

OCCO 2019: Sandalwood, Sage & Myrrh – 1/6 fl.oz. (5 ml) Roll On Bottle

For the very first time in our OCCO! realm of wonders, we have created a unisex type with a fragrance which sure to appeal to any gender. A bold blending with an herbal-woody character, featuring the desert vibe of sage and Indian paintbrush on top of thick sandalwood and myrrh attars plus a touch of oakmoss, layered with dry vanilla. And for those gentlemen who enjoy experimenting with copulins, may we suggest you give this OCCO! variant a try – you might find it even more effective than “unflavored” EoW for selfies and other, more amorous, pursuits.


Just in time for those Summer shenanigans, it’s a brand-new Limited Edition collection of our Overt Cops for your Covert Ops! line of copulin-enhanced fragrances, with beautifully-colored labels featuring mandala-style artwork. These scents are very rich and intense, all the better to disguise those cops when you’re on a mission to get some personal attention...whether you enjoy foody, resinous, fruity or sexy, we’ve got ya covered!

Pheromone Enhanced with ESSENCE OF WOMAN™ 100% PURE COPULINS by Stone Labs.


Created By: Mara ~ Love Potion® Magickal Perfumerie
Description By: Julie ~ Luna65

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