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Love Potion Nox: Nyx label featuring dark goddess figure, by artist Lynryd-Jym Narciso.

A fan favorite since its debut in 2007, our tribute to those who dwell on the nightside of life… Named for the Goddess of Night, Nox, aka Nyx, is one of the oldest deities and an element of creation myths worldwide. She bestows balance to all things…no light without darkness, no day without night, no saints without sinners…enjoy the mysteries of Her realm, the calming delight of the deep dark night.

This variant of our classic NOX fragrance features numerous types of aged amber resin as well as vintage Indian and Tunisian Patchouli, with a lusciously ripe blend of six varieties of fig and a layer of tranquil and harmonious vetiver. We’ve enhanced this dark beauty with our exclusive TEDDY POTION BB pheromone formula, a blend beloved for it’s powers to quell anxiety, relax and de-stress.

Scent: Lavishly deep dark resins, gently sweetened with fig. A luxurious cloak of darkness.


FIG ~ Wisdom, fertility, love, luck, protection, aids restful sleep, divination. Feminine sexuality.
AMBER ~ Fertility, creativity, love, luck, riches.
PATCHOULI ~ Soothes and uplifts; sensual, sexually stimulating, lust, fertility, money. Meditative and transforming.
VETIVER ~ Enhances perception of beauty. Love, sensuality, money, luck, hex-breaking.


ABOUT THE ARTIST - Lynryd-Jym Narciso
Lynyrd-Jym Narciso is a Filipino artist who has been creating tarot-related art since 2005. He has been published by major publishers, independent ones, and he also self-publishes his creations. He is drawn to the differences between art styles - what he calls "art taxonomy", which is reflected in the variety of visual styles of his creations. He publishes most of his card-related works under his studio/vanity press Paraluman. You can visit him at:


Created By: Mara ~ Love Potion® Magickal Perfumerie
Description By: Julie ~ Luna65

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