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DHEAS - UNscented Unisex Pheromone - 1 fl. oz. Spray

Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie

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Love Potion Pheromone label featuring text on aged parchment background on a glass spray bottle.

DHEAS aka Dehydroepiandrosterone Sodium Sulfate ~ is produced by humans up to around the age of 24, and then tapers off. It is assumed to be associated with bonding between people, and the effects appear to be the stimulating of friendliness and kindness from strangers, and a bonding aid for existing relationships.

It has been said to have a “youth serum” type effect, reportedly making the wearer feel youthful, energized and upbeat, and also producing the “butterfly-like” feeling of excitement associated with infatuation and being in love.

Please choose concentration of either 2,500 mcg or 5,000 mcg per 1 fl. oz.

May be worn by any gender

For best results, cover with – or add to – fragrance of your choice

Ingredients: SD40B Alcohol, Pheromones.


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