Meanings of Trees

ALDER ~ Powerful, symbolizes control over the elements – earth, air, fire, water.

APPLE ~ Fruit bearing trees promote fertility, happiness, and abundance.

ASH ~ The father of trees. A powerful guardian, absorbs sickness, ensures potency, healing, protection, power over the sea.

BAMBOO ~ Used for Elemental wands. Fertility.

BIRCH ~ Symbolizes renewal and cleansing, birth, healing, Lunar energies, and protection.

CEDAR ~ Purification, removing hexes, healing.

CHERRY ~ Love, peace, healing, intuition.

CYPRESS ~ Sacrifice, resurrection, perfection, truth, youth, freedom, music.

EBONY ~ A strong magical power amplifier, and strongly protective.

ELDER ~ Fae magic, imagination, transformation, protection.

EUCALYPTUS ~ Healing, luck, divination.

HAWTHORN ~ A generally unlucky tree, the name of the tree means “harm” in its native tongue. In many cultures, the month of the Hawthorn (May) is a month of bad luck for marriages. Purification, enforced chastity, male potency, cleansing.

HAZEL ~ Inspires creativity in the user, conveys wisdom, intelligence, and righteousness. Also used for divining.

HOLLY ~ is used in aphrodisia, for consecration, material gain, promoting beauty, and literally means “holy”.

IVY / VINE ~ Joy, Exhilaration, Love, Intoxication.

MAHOGANY ~ Fertility, growth, grounding, clarifying, bonds of love.

MAPLE ~ Love attraction, longevity, spirituality; money attractant.

OAK ~ A wood of masculine and projective energy. It symbolizes endurance, triumph, strength, power, prosperity, and heroism.

OLIVEWOOD ~ Potency, fertility, healing, peace, protection, lust, communication.

PALM ~ Fertility, potency, water magic.

PEACH ~ Fruit bearing trees promote fertility, happiness, and abundance. The Peach is a symbol of marriage.

PINE ~ Life and immortality, strength, rejuvination, calming and soothing, both female and male in energy.

POPLAR ~ Hope, rebirth, divination.

REDWOOD ~ Protection, love, success, power.

ROSEWOOD ~ Divination, glamour, feminine energy.

ROWAN ~ The tree of life. Protection against magic, healing, divination.

SPRUCE ~ Protection against enemies.

TEAK ~ Longevity, bonding, weathering all conditions, endurance.

WALNUT ~ Wishes granted, strengthens the heart, enhancement of mental powers. Dark earthly powers, introspection.

WILLOW ~ Ruled by the moon, powerfully feminine in energy. Healing, inspiration, fertility. A willow wand is a perfect wishing stick to help make dreams come true.

YEW ~ Has a dark reputation due to literature and its traditional use in weapons of death. Innappropriate for magical use.