The Power of Crystals

Abalone Shell ~ Water magic, rebirth and renewal, feminine energy.

Agate ~ Love, Strength, Valor, Longevity.

Amazonite ~ Success in all ventures, money attractant.

Amber ~ Attracts love, promotes fertility, longevity.

Amethyst ~ Peace, love, quells violent emotions and cravings. Healing, psychism, protection, courage, happiness, psychic dreaming. Stimulates creativity.

Apatite ~ Exhilaration, clarity, self expression.

Aquamarine ~ Ensures good health, calming & soothing, helps the mind keep alert. Peaceful, psychic amplifier, used for purification and aids courage.

Aura Crystals ~ A molecular bonding of quartz and various metals, that are said to amplify the power of both.

Aventurine ~ Increases perception, stimulates creativity, attracts money and speeds healing. The ‘gambler’s’ stone.

Azurite ~ Spiritual communication.

Bloodstone ~ Increases physical strength, lends courage, calms fears and eliminates anger.

Blue Calcite ~ Healing, purification, amplifies your personal power.

Blue Lace Agate ~ Peace, tranquility, anti-anxiety, anti-stress.

BRASS ~ Like gold, brass is considered a masculine, projective, aggressive metal, associated with wealth and prosperity.

Carnelian ~ Promotes peace & harmony. Quells violent emotions, jealousy and hatred. Bolsters courage, strengthens self-confidence, (excellent for singers & public speakers). Stimulates sexual impulses. Invigorates, for bodily strength & energy.

Celestite ~ Heavenly communication. High vibration, peace, soothing, love.

Chalcedony ~ Called the “Milk Stone” as it was once used to help lactating mothers. Also for peace and tranquility and anti-stress.

Citrine ~ Removes fear, helps quell nightmares, protection, psychic amplifier.

COPPER ~ Copper is considered the most powerful of magical conductors. It is a balancer of male and female/ projective and receptive energies.

Coral ~ Reason and wisdom, guards against sterility and eases the pain of childbirth.

Crystal, Quartz ~ Protection, healing, increases psychism, amplifies your personal power, amplifies all other stones it is used with.

Desert Rose ~ They represent dreams, love, and success through team work.

Diamond ~ Union, faithfullness, sexual stimulant.

Emerald ~ Love and money attraction, business enhancer, mental prowess, memory enhancer, aids eyesight, psychic amplifier, exorcism.

Flourite ~ (Color varies from blue to purple to green to clear) Conscious mind, intellect, sensibility. Studying, concentration. The stone of the student.

Freshwater Pearl ~ Love & money attractant, luck, protection. Feminine, lunar energy. Love magic, ensures happy marriage, promotes fertility.

Fuchsite ~ Emotionally healing, helps break patterns.

Garnet ~ Enhances bodily strength, endurance and vigor, sexual energy. Strengthens the aura, repels negative energies, protective. Regulates heart & blood. Supposedly eases menstrual and childbirth discomforts.

GOLD ~ Gold is masculine in energy and a representation of the sun. It’s energy is projective and aggressive, and represents wealth and prosperity.

Goldstone ~ (Golden brown with glittering golden flecks. Also comes in Midnight Blue/Black with starry sparkles) Protection, Energy, Money, Health. This is a man-made creation that has become associated with magickal properties over time.

Green Calcite ~ Draws prosperity, amplifies your personal power and creativity.

Hematite ~ Most powerful stone for drawing illness from the body. Grounding and stabilizing. Divination.

Iolite ~ Peace, love, happiness. Third Eye, opens psychic centers.

Jade ~ Draws love, protects the health, prolongs life.

Jasper ~ Encourages clear thinking, protection against hazards. Jasper grows in a multitude of colors. It’s most common variety is brown, and represents grounding and centering.

Kunzite ~ Heals broken hearts.

Kyanite ~ Said to be akin to standing under a waterfall, negativity cannot stick to the wearer because they are continually rinsed clean. Loyalty, quells anger.

Labradorite ~ Astral projection, luck, love, riches.

Lapis Lazuli ~ Healing and soothing. Uplifting, spiritual, peaceful vibrations. Relieves depression, stimulates gentleness.

Lepidolite ~ Emotion stability, anti-depressive.

Malachite ~ Speeds healing and bodily renewal, protective, love attractant, success/money attractant. Helps dispel depression, relaxes the nerves and promotes tranquility. Beneficial for the eyes.

Marble ~ Protection, prosperity, success.

Moonstone ~ Receptive and love drawing. Feminine in power. Protection, divination, psychism. Supposedly promotes weight loss. Protects travellers, especially on the sea.

Moss Agate ~ (Looks like plant life frozen inside of water. Tree Agate is white rather than clear, and has the same properties). Represents re-birth, growth, and healing.

Onyx ~ Protection, defensive magic. Deflects negativity. Given to husbands by wives to ensure fidelity. Lessens the sex drive unless worn together with diamond.

Opal ~ Brings out inner beauty and promotes astral projection and past life regression.

Orange Calcite ~ Protective, lends energy to the body, amplifies your personal power.

Peridot ~ Protection, health, wealth, love attractant, calming and helps promote peaceful sleep.

Petrified Wood (aka Fossilized Wood) ~ Longevity, deflects negativity, healing, protection, past-life regression.

Prehinite ~ Called the “Heal the Healer” stone. Excellent for those who regularly help others and tend to absorb their emotional or physical ills. Cleansing and healing.

Rhodochrosite ~ Loving energy, self confidence and self worth.

Rhodonite ~ Tames emotional upheaval, insight, grounding.

Pyrite ~ (Also called Fool’s Gold) Draws wealth, money, luck.

Rose Quartz ~ Love attractant, promotes peace and harmony, heals broken hearts. Draws love to the wearer, and also stimulates self-love and confidence.

Ruby ~ Wealth attraction, protection, invulnerability, aids in the warning of danger, increases energy of the wearer, power amplifier, joy, confidence, will power, helps to banish sadness and negativity.

Rutilated Quartz ~ (Quartz with golden threads) A strong power amplifier. Amplifies your personal power and amplifies all other stones it is used with.

Salt Crystals ~ Purification, cleansing, exorcism.

Sapphire ~ Communication in all forms, stimulation of the “third eye” and amplifier of psychic awareness. Love, fidelity, reconciliation, harmony, meditation, peace, healing, wisdom, aids justice, increases power, attracts wealth.

Selenite ~ Cleansing and purifying.

Serpentine ~ Healing and renewal, long healthy prosperous life.

Shungite ~Said to battle the ravages of computers, radio waves and microwaves, etc. Electromagnetic field protection. Detoxifying.

SILVER ~ Silver is feminine in energy and intimately tied to the Moon and all her deities. Silver represents protection (especially over women), love, the psychic mind and healing.

Smokey Quartz ~ Said to channel negativity from the body back into the earth. Grounding and centering.

Sodalite ~ Peace and tranquility. Eases stress.

Sugilite ~ Stress, emotional healing, subconscious mind, a stone of forgiveness.

Sunstone ~ Stimulates creativity, awakening and exciting.

Tiger Eye ~ (Brown with shiny black & gold bands, also may be in red & blue hues) Protection against all forms of danger. Attracts wealth, money. Strengthens confidence and courage. Promotes energy flow through the body.

Topaz (Blue Topaz) ~ Enhances the utilization of psychic powers, calms emotional problems. A stone of Peace, Joy and Happiness. Draws love.

Tourmaline ~ Black draws negativity from of the wearer. Green is for healing. Pink is for love.

Turquoise ~ Attracts friendship,