Magic Wands

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What is a Magic Wand, and how do you use one?

Magic Wands are used to amplify and direct your personal power. They are both a symbol of power, and the means of administering that power. They are common to all civilizations, and as old as civilization itself.

There is a multitude of ways that wands are used - it is a matter of personal preference and varies by culture and purpose. This beginner's guide is provided because we are asked this question so often that posting the info seemed logical and easiest for everyone. Take into consideration that these are not 'rules', just a sampling of beliefs that you may consider or discard as you wish.

A nice, concise article can be found on Wikipedia by clicking on this link.

Perhaps the easiest way to understand their use is to think of them as "Wishing Sticks".... You know when you make a wish on a lucky penny, or on a star, or when blowing out your birthday close your eyes and concentrate on that wish really hard? That's what you're going to do when you use your Wand. Concentrate on what you want to have happen and understand that your Wand is multiplying the power of that wish and directing that energy out into the universe, helping it to come true.

Receptive vs. Projective Energies: This concept is slightly more advanced. Our blood flows through our bodies in a circular pattern from right to left. It leaves your heart - meets your right hand first, then meets your left hand on its way back to your heart. This has nothing to do with which hand is dominant, it has nothing to do with whether you are right or left handed, it has to do with blood circulation only, and that's the same in all of us. Because your blood hits your right hand on the way OUT of the heart, the right hand is considered the source of Projective Energy - extending outward. Because your blood hits your left hand on the way back IN to your heart, the left hand is considered the receptacle of Receptive Energy - drawing inward.

In fact, that is precisely why the wedding ring is worn on the left hand. It has long been believed that the ring finger of the left hand contains the only vein that has a direct line straight into your heart. Another interesting bit of trivia has ancient pharmacists and shamen mixing medications using that finger - it was believed that if they made a mistake and created a substance that would be harmful or poisonous to the user, they would feel their heart skip a beat and be alerted to the error.

What does this have to do with using Crystals and Magic Wands? It is considered an advantage to utilize the appropriate Receptive or Projective energy when casting your "wishes", to increase your level of success.

Projective Example: I am wishing that Cousin Gladys be surrounded by healing energies and love that help her recover quickly and uplift her emotions. I envision Cousin Gladys happy and healthy, laughing and having fun at a family gathering. I am sending this "good vibe" to her, so I'm using my Projective energies.

Receptive Example: I am wishing that my self-confidence and courage be bolstered for the big speech I need to make tomorrow in front of a lot of people. I envision my Wand helping to draw power and strength and helpful spirits to me so I won't be nervous. I am drawing energy towards me, so I'm using my Receptive energies.

Rarely is there much waving about of Wands when doing this kind of Magic. You may walk around the perimeter of a house or property, tracing the boundaries to bless it, but usually one is quite still, holding the wand while in a meditative pose.

For the purposes herein, most people recommend using wands that are created using natural elements of the Earth. I enjoy creating my own Magic Wands - in one of the many kinds I make, I start with a wooden core, (usually Birch, Pine or Poplar), wrap it in leather, affix crystals to each end and wind various stones around the shaft using copper, silver or brass wire. Another beautiful and effective method is to use copper tubing and attach a crystal to each end - copper is considered the most potent magical conductor. Still another popular method is to simply find yourself a piece of driftwood or a branch that pleases you and empower it for use as a wand. I personally stay away from the mass produced Wands made from pewter and glass, (or heaven forbid - plastic!)...while they can be quite lovely, they have an artificial quality in my opinion that doesn't provide a connection with the Earth's energies.

It is best to have your own Magic Wand and not share it. Why's that? When you use your Magic Wand you will be empowering it with your own personal energy and sense of purpose. The energy contained therein will increase over time, and the wand will seem to become more effective the more you use it. If you allow others to play with it they will add their own energy and intent which may be quite different from yours and could even detract from its effectiveness.