Clearing Magickal Objects

You only want to "clear" an object in extreme circumstances. It is the equivalent of wiping the hard drive on your computer, erasing everything and starting clean. Some people do this immediately upon purchasing a Wand or Crystal from a shop, to remove the result of all those strange fingers that have been all over it before it came to be in yours. It's a good idea to "start fresh" with an item like that, but, you may like the energy of the piece as it is, and choose not to clear it. That's fine too, especially if you've purchased a hand-crafted item into which the artist has poured their love and creativity, and maybe even a spell or special'll not want to lose that if you can help it. The time to clear a piece is when your getting the distinct impression that something is wrong with it. You're either getting negative "vibes" from the piece, or maybe it just doesn't seem to be working for you anymore.

I had a strange experience with a set of silver bracelets I purchased several years back. I thought they were gorgeous. Big, heavy sterling silver cuffs with large stones set into the middle - I bought one for each member of the rock band I was in at the time. I started noticing that every time I wore mine I accidentally cut myself, and I don't mean on the bracelet. The thing felt like it was determined to draw my blood. Once I realized this, I started observing my bandmates when they wore theirs...each one seemed to be especially ill-tempered and argumentative when they wore them. I said, "You know what? There's something wrong these, we're not going to wear them anymore. We keep getting into fights when we've got these on." So we stopped wearing them. I ended up trading mine for something else I saw in a shop that I liked, but had I known about clearing at that time, I may have been able to erase whatever bad energy was attached to those bracelets.

There are several ways to go about clearing your object - I'm going to give you two simple methods. The first is simply sunshine. Place the item to be cleared out in your yard or on a sunny window sill for two whole weeks, an entire moon cycle. Don't touch it at all during that time. This method is best used only with clear quartz crystals or other objects that you're certain won't be damaged by the elements. Many colored stones will FADE severely when exposed to'll be pretty sad when you see what's become of your luscious sea green calcite, or your delicately pink kunzite, or your gorgeous sky blue celestite, or your perfectly purple fluorite after it's been under those harsh rays for a few days. It'll turn a depressingly cloudy off-white. You don't want the leather or metal on your wand exposed to the weather either, and the heat alone could degrade the adhesive or solder keeping your wand together. So, what's the alternative?
Salt. Plain dry salt. Some prefer large grained sea salt, but ordinary table salt will do just as well. Fill a big bowl full of salt and completely bury the object under the salt for two whole weeks, and once again, don't let anyone touch it at all during that time or it won't work and you'll have to start all over. After you do this, the object should "feel" brand new to you again!