The Afraid Knot

Three pieces of string are walking down the street. One says to the others, "Hey, what say we duck into that bar for a gin and tonic?"

"Ok!" the others exclaim, and they make their way in and hop up on the bar stools. "Three gin and tonics, please!" the first orders, but the barman merely stares at them doubtfully and replies, "I can't serve you drinks!'re not even people! You're string! Do you have I.D.? Get outta here!"

Dejectedly, they leave the bar, but String #1 is angry. "He can't do that to us!" he rages, "This is America! If I want a gin and tonic, by God, I'm gonna get me a gin and tonic!"

"He's just gonna throw you out again!" the others argue, but String #1 won't be deterred. He ties himself in a knot, frays his ends, then marches back into the bar.

"Gin and tonic, please!"

The barman eyes him suspiciously and asks, "Heyyyy, aren't you that piece of string I just kicked outta here?"

"Nope," the string replies, "I'm afraid not."

* * *

Heheheheh. A frayed knot. Get it? What does this have to do with the spell? Absolutely nothing, I just think it's funny. Oh wait, actually, it does kinda have something to do with it...what you are going to make is called an AFRAID KNOT.

This is a great project to do with scared children who insist that something is lurking under the bed, or for anyone who wants to prevent unwanted spirit energy from entering a room. They also make very attractive gifts! (I have really pretty ones in the Web Store!)

The lore:
Spirits and Ghosts cannot enter or occupy a room where there are knots guarding the entrance without first untying every single knot. So hang your Afraid Knot from your doorknob and keep the spookies out!

What you'll need:
At least a dozen 4 foot long strips of attractive mix-matched string, ribbons, yarn, whatever, from tiny thin up to about 2 inches wide, and four shorter bits approx 6 inches - 1 foot long each. Optional - some little Christmas bells or other decoration such as buttons or bits of old jewelry, etc.

Take your ribbons, line them up, and with one of your shorter bits, tie them all tightly together in the center so that the two halves hang roughly equally on each side.

=========================X =========================

About 2 inches to the left of your first knot, do this again. Now do it again for the right side.

====================X====X====X ====================

Now, you're going to tie the whole bunch together to make a loop that will fit over your doorknob.

Now the fun begins. Start making lots and lots of little knots on those dangling strings. I usually space the knots at least an inch apart so the beauty of the ribbon is still visible too, and I often tie little bells and old jewelry bits into some of the knots, to make it extra decorative. Not only that, but if you use little bells, then you are alerted when someone, or some thing, is entering the room! Bells are also thought to drive away nasty spirits.

As you're creating your Afraid Knot, you are going to empower it with your intent. You do this by concentrating on your purpose as you handle the materials, envisioning protective energy becoming one with the object.

When you hang your Afraid Knot, you may say~

We fear not darkness, we fear not night
No spirit may pass into this site
These knots protect who dwell herein
While they remain, we're safe within!

The Afraid Knot - A lovely magical object that can be enjoyed by all ages and adapted to any decor!
The concept and magical lore of the Afraid Knot is centuries old. The name, the blessing, and design of these was created by Mara Fox. Pictures & Text ©1997. Permission is required to copy, publish, or distribute. Please Email. Thank you.