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This is a work in progress. Information in this article has been collected from and contributed by a variety of sources and people, and continues to grow and change. Feel free to share your knowledge and experiences for inclusion here!

Newcomers to the world of pheromones may be surprised to learn that they are not all geared towards sexual conquest. Individual pheromone molecules and combinations of pheromones send out many different messages and inspire many different responses. Pheromones can be used to inspire feelings, create an impression, subtly manipulate responses, and create an atmosphere.

For example, pheromones may be used to:
* inspire awe, deference, respect and admiration
* inspire joyful happiness
* inspire feelings of comfort and safety
* promote nurturing and cuddling
* create a 'party' atmosphere
* emanate an aura of charisma and popularity
* inspire deep trust and communication
* encourage bonding
* give off an impression of dominance or submission
* create an air of innocence
* create feelings of infatuation
* uplift moods and emotions
* inspire flirtation
* inspire protectiveness
* inspire a willingness to please
* provide an aura of authority
* instill calm, or inspire hostility
* give off the impression of youthful vitality
* lend an impression of youthful fertility or virility
* inspire promiscuity
* inspire different levels of light to intense sexual interest and stimulation

When pheromone research was is in its infancy, it was assumed that pheromones were only produced for sexual reasons. Since then, it has become known that pheromones are naturally produced by humans/animals and insects for a number of different purposes and can be reproduced and used for a variety of situations for subtle "social engineering" purposes.


ALPHA-ANDROSTENOL ~ An attraction and mood elevating pheromone that is said to create a friendly approachable impression, and can make the wearer seem less intimidating and more approachable. Encourages feelings of excitement and interest, creates an aura of youth and health, an impression of reproductive fitness, increases chattiness and friendliness from both sexes. May be worn by both women and men.

Alpha-Androstenol is produced naturally by both women & men in the area of the armpit. It's a mood elevating pheromone that when dispersed can spread a "good mood" throughout a crowd. It is likely that the compulsion for humans to lift their arms up and wave them in the air when having a good time is a biological mechanism for spreading Alpha-Androstenol, therefore, sharing a feeling of elation.

Used in high concentration, Alpha-Androstenol is said to create a slight feeling of "drunkenness", and may increase the effect of alcohol consumption on the wearer. In some people, exposure to high concentration can cause headache.

For most people, it's a popularity magnet and helps lend a good time "party" atmosphere.

Other names: Alpha-Nol, A-Nol, 5a-Androstenol.


BETA-ANDROSTENOL ~ May be worn by both women and men, and is known for creating rapport, a sense of intimacy and emotional bonding between people, as well as instilling trust. It lends an impression that you have known a person for a long time - even if you have only just met.

Used in high concentration, it can have a truth-serum type effect on people, including the wearer. A little of this pheromone goes a long way - one needs to use a smaller amount of beta-nol to produce a larger effect than other molecules of greater concentration. Unless you are seeking to achieve a truth serum style effect, usually "less is more" with this molecule.

Beta-Androstenol may be used alone, but is most often used in conjunction with other pheromones in order to take advantage of its' bonding, intimacy promoting qualities.

Other names: Beta-Nol, B-Nol.


ANDROSTADIENONE ~ The "Alpha Male at Peace" pheromone, the "cozy sleeping bear" molecule, considered by many to be the ultimate male pheromone for a variety of purposes. Non-intimidating, non-confrontational, attractive to both men and women, makes people feel close and attracted to the wearer. Gives the impression of quiet strength, reliability, dependability, competence. Men report that it consistently draws women close to them, and makes them crave intimacy.

Women report feeling safe and content when exposed to it, and also report the lessening of PMS symptoms. Aids sleep and feelings of security and peacefulness. (May be applied to a pillow for this purpose, and for the purpose below...)

There is a theory that suggests that women who sleep next to men for most of their lives have a prolonged span of fertility, experiencing menopause later in life than women who do not routinely sleep next to men. It is assumed that exposure to androstadienone is likely responsible for this phenomenon.

May be worn by both sexes, seems to work well in blends for same sex attraction, and aids females in being accepted within a group of males as "one of the guys". Worn by women within a group of women, it seems to lessen the desire for women to seek outside male attention.

Reported drawbacks:
* Some men have reported that after lengthy/repeated exposure, they begin to feel depressed. Some experts refute this - saying that it's not "depression" in the strictest sense, but a feeling of relaxed sedation that the wearer or person exposed may not be able to "shake off" at will. It is not logical for a hormone naturally produced by resting males to cause genuine depression during waking hours, but rather, it may hinder feelings of excitement or clarity usually felt throughout a normal day.
* Some women have reported that it makes them feel very aroused, and if denied sex, become unusually frustrated and irritable.

Other names: A1


BETA-ANDROSTANOL ~ Used in male or unisex pheromone blends, early reports reflect that this pheromone produces feelings of relaxed happiness, enthusiasm and energy; and is both a social and sexual enhancer.


ANDROSTANONE ~ A male pheromone that encourages sociability, increases perception of attractiveness, and acts as a "buffer" to smooth the aggressive effects of masculine pheromone blends.

Other names: Anone


ANDROSTENONE ~ The epitome of aggressive, strong masculinity, produced in greatest quantity by the "leader of the pack". Creates an aura of raw power and intimidation that many females find irresistibly sexy. Can help effect an air of the "brooding bad boy" or the "captain of the football team", helps make the wearer the center of attention, draws popularity, gives off the Alpha-Male vibe.

If worn in too high a dosage, it can cause irritability in others...women, especially at certain times in their cycles, may feel "bitchy", and it can inspire other alpha men to confrontation with the wearer. Best worn with other pheromones as a buffer, and can also be worn by women *in minute amounts* to give off an air of dominance.

May be considered the male equivalent of copulins, signaling a man's willingness to mate.

Other names: Enone


ANDROSTERONE ~ A male pheromone produced in higher quantity by "alpha" men. Creates an aura of authority and helps the wearer garner respect.


COPULINS ~ The word "copulins" is derived from the word "copulate". Copulins are a lab synthesized recreation of the vaginal fluids naturally produced by the human female in preparation for sexual intercourse.

Contrary to rumor, copulins are produced by women naturally whether they are on birth control or not. If a woman has the ability to lubricate in preparation for having sex, she is creating copulins. However, the lab created copulins available on the market were produced to mimic the excretions of healthy fertile young women, not on birth control, thus the confusion. The practice of dabbing a little of a woman's own natural excretions on her cleavage has been a known aphrodisiac throughout thousands of years of recorded history.

The original and most popular commercial recipe for copulins was created by scientist Astrid Jutte, who found that exposing males to the scent of copulins almost instantly increases men's testosterone levels by 150%. The scent of copulins is a chemical/subliminal signal that a woman is ready to have sex, and responses from men are instantaneous, if largely subconscious. Many females, both gay and straight, are also sexually excited by the smell of copulins.

Commercial copulin preparations are many many many times the strength of natural excretions. The odor of the product is more akin to what one might expect from a woman who hasn't bathed in six months. They are meant to wear diluted and with a strong "cover scent". Once applied to the skin, they require a "dry down" time of up to 20 minutes. Initial application smell has been compared to rotten fruit or cheese, but after dry down, the copulin scent calms and merges with the person's skin chemistry and becomes more akin to the scent of strong but natural excretions. It is recommended that one always wears a good fragrance to cover or blend with the smell of the copulins. It is also advised that copulins should never be applied to the hair or clothing, because they require contact with skin chemistry to calm down and settle - or else you're stuck with a powerful rotten fruity/cheese smell that doesn't go away.

Copulins are most successfully worn on the torso and cleavage area. Do NOT use on the face, neck, ears, hairline, etc., as this may produce an impression of the wearer being unclean, rather than sexy.

The #1 manufacturer of copulins is Stone Independent Research (aka SIR or Stone Labs); they use the original Astrid Jutte recipe. There are other copulin recipes on the market (some of them scent-free, which quite frankly, defies logic) but none have proven as successful in test situations or in private use as Astrid Jutte's original formula. Love Potion® Magickal Perfumerie is the exclusive retailer of "Essence Oil - Essence of Woman™ Copulins in an Oil Base", produced by Stone Labs.

Other names: Cops, or EoW (abbreviation for the brand name, "Essence of Woman")


DHEAS aka Dehydroepiandrosterone Sodium Sulfate ~ DHEAS is produced in both sexes up to around the age of 24, and then tapers off. It is assumed to be associated with bonding between people, and suspected to be responsible for women's cycles syncing together. It is generally agreed to have genuine pheromonal properties, and the effects appear to be the stimulating of friendliness and kindness from strangers, and a bonding aid for existing relationships.

It has been said to have a "youth serum" type effect, reportedly making the wearer feel energized and upbeat, and also producing a "butterfly-like" feeling of excitement.

Other names: DHEAS, DHEAs, DHEA Sodium Sulfate
NOTE: The DHEA used in oral supplements is not the same thing as DHEAS. DHEA appears not to have pheromonal properties when worn on the skin, while DHEAS does.


EPI-ANDROSTERONE ~ a female pheromone, said to create a "Queen Bee" type of aura, and an air of status. Makes women appear sexy, confident and likable. Should be used very lightly for best effect.


ESTRATETRAENOL ~ EST is naturally produced only by pregnant women. It inspires the nurturing protective feelings that people (both men and women) have towards pregnant women. It creates an air of vulnerability, and is "ultra" feminizing, called "female magic" by some in the phero trade. Can make men behave very chivalrously, encourages cuddling, and can be a serious turn-on for some kinds of men. It makes the wearer feel adored, inspires others to be cherishing and extraordinarily helpful and solicitous. Many men find it calming and soothing. Some women report the feeling of girlyness or "ditsy-ness" when wearing a high dosage.

However, not everyone responds to EST the same way... it's a relatively rare effect, but some people are irritated by vulnerable or weak women, and as a subconscious chemical signal, it can frighten off some the same way as an unexpected pregnancy can send some men screaming for the hills. This last effect seems to happen most often with heavier dosing and with younger men.

Other names: EST, Est


METHOXYESTRATETRAENONE aka MEO-EST ~ Meo-Est is an equine (horse) hormone excreted in the urine of pregnant mares and only produced in humans in cancerous cell tissue. It is sold by some companies as a less expensive alternative to authentic EST (aka Estratetraenol), because authentic EST is the most expensive molecule on the market. There have been studies showing that Meo-Est is such a strong carcinogen, that anywhere it touched human skin they could see cellular abnormality...cancerous skin cells. Now, it was not reported the strength that was used for that testing, it might have been astronomically high - way higher than the concentration used in any commercial phero product. To put it in perspective - for example, the FDA has removed saccharine from its list of cancer-causing items because the sheer volume that was used in the rodent testing was so unreasonably huge, that no human would ever ingest that much. This MIGHT be the case with the Meo-Est testing as well, but to be on the safe side, LPMP chooses not to include this molecule in any or our products. Another well-known pheromone manufacturer acknowledges the potential risk of using Meo-Est directly on the skin, but still offers it, suggesting that it only be sprayed on clothing, because in their opinion, it still has pheromonal benefits. A third manufacturer offers it without any health warning at all. It is our opinion that this molecule be avoided. Using genuine EST may be more expensive, but it comes without the potential risks.

Other names: Equilin


OXYTOCIN ~ Pitocin is the synthetic form of oxytocin. You might recognize one or the other of these names because this is the hormone that induces labor in pregnant women. There has been a pheromone company or few that have sold Oxytocin as a "bonding pheromone" quite aggressively, because, when naturally produced by the body, it is said to be responsible for aiding bonding between mother and child. We have been advised by a leader in the scientific and pheromone community that the use of Oxytocin as a pheromone is wildly irresponsible, and that no reputable pheromone manufacturer should sell or encourage its use. It is not safe to expose pregnant women to this hormone. It may bring on premature labor and stimulates uterine contractions.


THDOC - Beta & Alpha varieties ~ Reported to have a sedating/calming effect. The Alpha variety is said to be more potent than the Beta variety.