Crafting with Intent

I approach everything that I craft from the aspect of "intent". Whether it is jewelry making, wand making, or perfume/potion brewing, I have spent a lifetime researching and understanding that every ingredient found in nature has been ascribed a magical property, a religious significance, or a ritual meaning. Across the ages of time, across cultures living or long passed... every ingredient on your supper table, every leaf in your tea, every stick of wood in your home, every color you surround yourself with, the materials you wear on your body, your fragrance, your jewelry, even the family pets....each of these has a mystical, religious or even scientific property attached to it. When one crafts items with the knowledge of these meanings, and puts them together with a specific goal in mind, it is called, 'crafting with intent'.

At times an item may be additionally "blessed" or "empowered" with a certain purpose in mind. When an artisan works materials with their hands, their energy may pass from themselves to the object. So in working an object for attracting love, for example, the artisan may fill their heart and mind with loving feelings, or convey a blessing of success upon the object that may be then enjoyed by the wearer.

And so, in each of my listings, you will find a little something in the description about the "meaning" of the item....perhaps the power of that color, or the meaning of the stone, metal, flower or wood, etc. My hope is that you wear my creations with joy, and may even feel a little extra "magic" in them as well.