Application Tips

Using our Perfume Oils to Best Effect

Oils do not diffuse the same way as sprays - they require heat for diffusion, as such, they are best applied to the hottest parts of the body.

We've found this method to be most effective: Roll your oils from your belly button to your cleavage 2 or 3 times, then smooth the oil around with your wrists. Also, smudge some on the back of your neck under your hair. Use this way and your fragrance will *bloom* as your body heat rises throughout the day.

Not every perfume is appropriate for every situation!
Blends described as highly sexual will often not get a welcome reception in a corporate working environment. Save these for after dark or date night! Choose potions with a "clean" signature for day, and go "dirty" for seduction.


Using our Pheromones to Best Effect

Phero blends described as highly sexual usually contain copulins. Copulins are stinky and require proper *dry down* time (approx 10 mins) to meld with your skin chemistry and before donning clothing.

If you are uncomfortable with the process of trying to "cover" the odor of a pheromone blend, adding the pheromones directly to a bottle of fragrance will shorten the dry-down time and detectability of the pheromones.

* Choose sexual blends in oil/roll-on.
Oils give off a more natural intimate impression. Do NOT apply copulin-heavy blends to clothing, facial area or hair - they require skin to settle properly, and application to facial region may give an impression that the wearer is unclean, rather than sexy. Best application points are torso area ~ belly button to cleavage, small of the back, thighs, behind the knee.

* Choose social blends in alcohol/spray.
If a blend is described as 'work friendly' or for social/popularity uses, then a spray form of application is usually best. Sprays cover the most distance. In a social situation where you wish to be the center of attention, use a spray. Social blends containing little to no copulins can be safely sprayed on clothing and hair, arms and hands for best diffusion.

More is NOT better when it comes to pheromones! Most people get the best effects or "hits" when wearing a modest amount. This is another good reason to premix pheros and fragrance - so you have a scent indicator that lets you know if you are wearing too much.

Phero blending is a mix of art & science that is not nearly as easy as it may seem.
Temptation may be high to mix a bunch of blends together to try to achieve a combined result, but the opposite is more likely to happen. Each of our blends is precisely balanced by the world's finest phero scientists. Please try each creation as intended before altering the carefully crafted recipe.