FAQ: Perfume and Pheromone Bases

We offer several base or "carrier" choices for our potions, perfumes and pheromones. Oil, silicone, alcohol, and a 60/40 alcohol to oil blend. How do you choose which is best for YOU? Here is a quick guide to help you decide.

* Our oil base of choice is Dipropylene Glycol - a clear, odorless, inert oil - it is skin-safe and hypoallergenic.
* Oil-based products last the longest on the skin, from 6 to 24 hours, depending on the blend.
* Often, people who are sensitive to alcohol-based perfumes (allergies, headaches) find that they have much less sensitivity to oil-based perfumes. Oil-based products are "heavier", the molecules are larger, there is less free-floating in the air.
* Oil-based products wear closer to the skin and require heat for best diffusion. As such, they are best worn on the hottest parts of the body - the torso, cleavage, back of neck, etc. (The hands and wrists do not generate a great deal of heat.) You will find, that when your body heats up during times of the day, that you will create a lovely "cloud" of scent or pheromones.
* People who live in warmer climates seem to prefer this base, as it does not "burn up" or evaporate as fast as traditional alcohol-based products.
* Oil is an excellent choice of base for the more intimate or "sexual" pheromones, especially those that contain Copulins.
* Our oil-based products are sold in 1/3 fl.oz. glass bottles with roll-on applicators.
* Dipropylene Glycol has a flashpoint of 280 degrees F. It is completely safe for air transport or travel.

* Alcohol-based products offer the greatest amount of diffusion...it is lightest in weight compared to any other base, and puts more of the fragrance or pheromone into the air around you - capable of carrying for the furthest distance from your body.
* Our alcohol-based products are sold in 1 fl.oz. glass or metal spray bottles, and is a great choice for those who are accustomed to traditional fragrances and like to spray them on their hair or clothes.
* Social pheromone mixes seem to perform best in an alcohol base, as it creates the largest circle around the wearer.
* Alcohol-based pheromones tend to last between 2 and 5 hours on the skin, and usually need to be reapplied during the day for best effect.
* Those who live in colder climates tend to prefer alcohol based pheromones over oil based ones.
* It is an interesting fact of the cosmetics industry that consumers tend to use spray products more liberally than roll-on or daubed products, as such, even though a 1 ounce alcohol-based spray bottle is equal to a 1/3 oz oil-based product in content, it is likely that the consumer will use up the larger one, faster.

* We offer this ratio for pheromone products in a 1 fl.oz. spray bottle, to take advantage of 'the best of both worlds'. The combination makes for a longer lasting product than that of alcohol alone, and offers more diffusion into the air than oil alone. The combination produces a light and silky spray-oil feel.
* This combination also significantly lowers the flashpoint of straight alcohol so that it becomes safe and permissible for international air transport, when in a metal spray bottle container.

* Our silicone base of choice is called Cyclopentasiloxane, aka CPS or D5.
* There are several advantages to this base, foremost amongst them, is the fact that CPS is molecularly too large to be absorbed into the cells of the skin. It creates a barrier between the pheromones (or perfume) and your skin. Used on the skin before applying perfume, this can be helpful to people who find that their skin chemistry "turns" the scent of a perfume wonky, as there will be less interaction between their skin chemistry and that of the perfume. For pheromones, it prevents the pheromones themselves from being absorbed into the skin, which is a potential health concern for some people.
* Silicone-based pheromones offer greater diffusion in the air than oil-based pheromones, and less than alcohol-based pheromones. It lasts longer on the skin than alcohol based-pheromones.
* Silicone does not blend permanently with oil or alcohol, as such, (like salad dressing) the user has to remember to shake the bottle before each use. (We provide a reminder printed on the cap.)
* Our silicone-based products are sold in 1/3 fl.oz. roll-on bottles.
* CPS is a clear, odorless, skin-safe and hypoallergenic product.
* Safe for international air transport and travel.