Sandy/Dry Scent

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  • Butterfly Bloom: A bloom which best signals the transition from Spring to Summer is the beautifully exotic plumeria, wonderfully fragrant and an attractor of our delicately-winged friends the butterflies who cannot resist the flower’s fruity scent and velvety petals. We’ve blended five types of plumeria blossom with smooth dry sandalwood, for a sandy tropical aura, and included a sprinkle of berry sugar for that special Summer sunniness.

  • Connect w/ Teddy BB for Men: Guys, there’s an entire industry devoted to advising you on how to make that first crucial contact with someone special, but look no further - we’ve got the secret sauce right here! Bring them closer with this super-cuddly scent...warm and smooth with just a teasing hint of spice. Featuring.lots of love and luck-encouraging cedar, vetiver, tonka and a blend of mosses with a pinch of cardamom. To enable the connection for further affection, we’ve boosted this with our TEDDY POTION BB pheromone blend, which encourages rapt attention and camaraderie between men, and a comforting, placating and protective feeling in women.

  • Sand Box: The scent of antiquity discovered - ancient Egypt unearthed...a heady mix of Egyptian musks and ornate resins with a touch of immortal fig, light and dark ambers, and finished with a dry exotic whisper of sandy earth and cassia essential oil. Has a forbidden, mysterious aura that both women and men will love to wear.

  • Vardo: The scent of unending travel and of cool dry nights spent under the stars...the denizens of the Carnival make their way through small towns and bustling cities alike in their colorful wagons, and upon a late hour some may spy their passing, provoking curiosity and excitement, as the ones who create the wonders sleep beneath the wide night sky and entertain adventurous dreams. An airy earthy unisex scent...dried grass and sage, dusty earth accord with ozone and the tang of ripening wild blackberries.

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