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  • Honeyed Love Potion® w/Gotcha! 2015: One of our most popular Love Potion variants returns one more time! A honey of a variant of the one which started it all…our deliciously decadent and lust-inspiring Love Potion base of vanilla, amber and patchouli framing a aureate centerpiece of ripe juicy apricot soaked in four types of honey…incredibly luscious! And for an extra oomph of passion we've paired it with our exclusive GOTCHA! pheromone formula. GOTCHA! is a sensual sexual attractant, but more importantly with a little something extra...something to help erode his fears, something to help him let go of his inhibitions, something to help nudge him off that cliff of indecision and into your arms.

  • Love Potion®: BLACK: A deep, dark and ultra sensuous Love Potion® variety, that's dense with erotic appeal. A blend of thick, rich Vanilla Bean, aged and Indonesian Patchouli resins, Honeycomb and Brown Sugar, Amber resin, and a luscious Chypre blend. Extravagantly, deliciously rich!

  • Aja - Nature's Copulins: A new copulin analog from a natural plant hormone which, when concentrated, gives off a honey-like scent which is incredibly evocative of sexual arousal; the smell attracts bees, insects, birds and animals to the plants, aiding in pollination. In tribute to its methodology we have named it after the Yoruba goddess Aja, the Orisha of the forest and all who dwell within. She is the patron of those healers who practice the herbal lore she created. Desire is the universal principle she fosters, driving the natural world towards fertility, fecundity and diversity.

  • Body Paint 2015: A lavender gourmand fantasy continually in demand! This particular version is actually a combination of two very popular scents: Body Paint and Fuzzy Wuzzy. Our lavender-based fragrances literally fly off the shelves as soon as they are available and when it comes to this kind of deliciousness there is no such thing as too much of a good thing! Lavender is, among its many charms, a verified man magnet, so scent yourself with our delectable alluring adornment! A heart of French Lavender and a lavender attar, with delicate black raspberry, a swirl of cream and honey, then slathered with luscious cream cheese frosting.

  • Electric Heart w/ Copulins: Spark an attraction this Spring! Bright and uplifting, reminiscent (in spirit) of our much-loved OCCO Ambrosia scent, this fragrance wears its’ (purple) heart on its’ sleeve: purple prickly pear blended with a medley of juicy berries, sweetened with orange blossom honey and pink sugar, layered on a base of sweetened sandalwood and topped with a refreshing splash of bamboo leaf tea. We then added a dose of copulins to help electrify the interest of others!

  • Ivory Cats: Closer w/ Copulins: A recipe for intimacy: the sexy, can't-miss combo of Indian black amber and musk with an erotic overlay of edible sensual vanilla and irresistible leather made sleazy with three types of honey and hints of pear and ginger plus a lust-inducing dose of Essence of Women Copulins.

  • Ivory Cats: Creamed Honey: Here we have a lusciously lickable scent for luxurious slathering, inspired by our Potion Master’s craving for a creamy-sweet take on LPMP’s enduringly popular honey scents. Numerous varieties of buttercream are blended with dense coconut cream and a sweet-and-spicy Indian amber, swirled into gorgeously light and fruity orange blossom honey.

  • Lait du Citron w/ Blatant Invitation: There’s a lot to love about the lively lemon, especially when surrounded by luscious gourmand notes to enhance its’ attributes of energy and attraction. Appeal to his olfactory palate with the delights of rich velvety vanilla, warm milk and warm bread accords, drizzled with thick honey and given a splash of sparkling lemon, all on a base of warm resins. For further seductive power we’ve enhanced this with our BLATANT INVITATION pheromone blend. Sexually assertive, but cuddly too - it whispers "yes” and gives off a vibe of uninhibited sexuality but is eminently approachable at the same time.

  • OCCO: SLF - Copulin Enhanced Fragrance for Women: A special Limited Edition variant of our infamous Overt Cops for Covert Ops! People think we're all about the love here at LPMP, but we like the lust too! And we've discovered a very simple yet devastatingly effective recipe for sensuality...

  • Phero Girl: Copulin Enhanced Fragrance for Women: Phero Girl ~ A dizzying mixture of 5 different Honey and Honeycomb varieties, real organic Bee Pollen, Orange Blossom, Amber and Essence of a Woman™ 100% Pure Copulins from Stone Independent Research. A strong and strongly enticing scent, dripping with overt sexuality. You might want to think twice about wearing this one out of the house - as there'll be no mistake about your intentions when you are wearing this - this one goes straight for the zipper, so have a care about how much you dare!

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