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  • Love Potion #9®: Classic and refined, while very modern, clean and fresh. The cooling combination of Citrus and Musk in Love Potion #9® may be worn equally by both Women and Men - transcending gender, transcending time. It is both mature and ageless - and will make you feel like pure magic!

  • Love Potion®: Frais Citron: A truly scrumptious variant reminiscent of a summertime favorite: a blend of buttery vanilla, rich amber and patchouli swirled with maple and topped with numerous types of sweet strawberry and tangy lemon. Mara raves about this one: "…while the tangy fruit is bright in the beginning, after long dry down, you are left with almost a perfect original LP scent!"

  • Cougar Potion: The one, the only…the sparkle is back!! Look out boys, the Cougar is on the prowl! The hot topic of pop culture, the attractive vivacious older woman seeking a younger man who can rise to the challenge...or merely announcing her fabulousness to the world at large...ladies, this is YOUR scent!

  • Fairy Cake: Lemon: A mouthwatering trio of tangy sweet bakery-style lemon oils, slathered with rich brown sugar frosting, blended with a cupcake base fit for a Fae of our creamiest buttery vanilla oils and a drop of sweet amber resin.

  • Fairy Cake: Orange: The fresh-squeezed sweetness of a trio of tangerine, clementine and satsuma notes plus a luscious swirl of brown sugar, slathered with pink sugar frosting adorn a cupcake base fit for a Fae of our creamiest buttery vanilla oils.

  • Flying Potion 2016 - Phero Enhanced Spray : Our insanely popular pheromone-enhanced fragrance spray is making its yearly sure to grab a bottle before it (literally) flies off the shelves yet again! All the hip witches love this crafty classic! We've blended gorgeous creamy ylang ylang EO, sweet black licorice, marshmallow and vanilla pods, tangy grapefruit and cassis topped with a pinch of cider spices and Poof! the master bottle was bubbling with magickal energy! Sweet and bright and ready for flight. But to ensure your lift-off we've included a high octane dose of our exclusive LEVITATION POTION pheromone blend: featuring the happy magic of our mood-elevating OPEN WINDOWS formula and an extra splash of giddy DHEAS.

  • Goldfish w/ Alpha-Nol: A whimsical take on the classic Carnival prize: a unisex blend of tangy red currant and juicy tangerine EO swims in a watery enclosure of aquatic eucalyptus, sea salt and crystalline white musk. And in tribute to the fun times we’ve all had trying to win a goldfish we’ve added a dose of uplifting Alpha-Androstenol to the mix, an attraction and THE mood elevating pheromone, said to create a friendly approachable impression, and can make the wearer seem less intimidating and more approachable. Encourages empathy and romantic feelings, creates an aura of youth and health, an impression of reproductive fitness, increases chattiness and friendliness from both sexes. May be worn by both women and men.

  • Irish Rose: Our tribute to that most beautiful of lands is a fruity floral which embodies the best characteristics of Ireland and its people: traditional sophistication enlivened by an upbeat youthful aura, as timeless as the charms of that famed isle. A blossoming heart of sweetheart rose, tea rose, and wild rose entwined with tangy linden blossom (a plant native to Ireland), with bright citrus accents of lime and sweet kumquat, layered upon a sturdy base of musk, oak and cedar and lightly sweetened with just a sprinkle of white sugar.

  • Minions of Santa: A tradition of Victorian Christmas observances, this is a “perky” twist on the classic holiday potpourri recipe: featuring uplifting notes of spicy bayberry and fruity plum, the peels of apple, orange and lemon, with accents of bamboo and cedar, upon a deep base of oud and just a touch of AJA.

  • Morning Star: Inspired by numerous requests from our beloved customers... Naturally sweet and light, this is a wonderful scent to wake you up in the morning, but please enjoy its’ lovely aura all day!  Fresh crisp cucumber and basil EO, cooling spearmint EO and luminous lemongrass EO mingling on a base of gentle white patchouli.

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