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  • Love Potion®: PINK: All the powerfully seductive ingredients of our original Love Potion®, with the addition of the most delicious fairy floss cotton candy pink sugars imaginable! Dreamy in the extreme!

  • Love Potion®: Carnival w/ Audacious: Just like that pink-and-blue fresh-spun cotton candy you know you can’t resist! The return of a deliciously candied version of our famous Love Potion fragrance...a variety of pretty pink fairy floss sugars sprinkled upon fresh strawberries and blueberries with a sunny spritz of lemon and featuring our signature blend of mouthwatering syrupy apricot melding with the luscious base of vanilla, amber and patchouli  To assist in making you the delectable center of attention, we’ve added a dose of our exclusive AUDACIOUS pheromone blend. Girl Power, baby! An Alpha-Sexual-Social mix for women which encourages boldness and perhaps a walk on the wild side! Confidence boosting, friendliness, femininity, mood elevating and sexuality. An excellent club or party mix, or for encouraging a night of abandon. Let the good times roll!

  • Bad Elf: Someone’s been raiding Santa’s stash! A candied boozy take on butter beer: blended with numerous varieties of oatmeal stout, butterscotch, amaretto and a smidgen of sandalwood for the base. It’s all the things we love about indulging during the holidays - sweet, sticky, tipsy and naughty!

  • Candy House: Our delicious pumpkin candy scent is eerily edible (but seriously, please do not eat it)! A blend of six types of pumpkin oils - a balance of the fresh-cut and the spiced - sweetened with a mixture of pink, brown and caramelized sugar notes, a dollop of creamy vanilla and a base of sweet amber. This one is ALL treat!

  • Cotton Candy Peach: For our beloved customers who are always thinking pink - we’ve got more of what you love! In this case it’s a fresh and juicy pink peach scent sure to get you in the swing of Spring...flowery and tangy varieties of peach sweetened with three types of spun sugar accord, deepened with a base of storax and vanilla bean...mmm so fabulously peachy you’ll want to slather madly!

  • Fairy Cake: Fairy Floss: Pink sugar and brown sugar-sweetened resins slathered with hot spun sugar frosting decorate a cupcake base fit for a Fae of our creamiest buttery vanilla oils.

  • Haystack: So-named for the confectionary delight, chocolate-coconut haystacks! Mounds of sweet shredded coconut drizzled with creamy chocolate, rich brown sugar and caramel on a base of sweet amber. A frightfully delightful treat, but there’s no hay in it...did we trick ya?!

  • Kittenish 2015: Our customers continuously *purr* for this peachy delight! Fresh ripe peaches blended with hints of buttery caramelized sugars, maple and benzoin, layered with white and dark amber and just a whisker of kitteny-soft fuzziness in the form of oakmoss and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. This upbeat fragrance promotes all manner of affection and positivity in its ingredients and smells deliciously adorable!

  • Pure Sugar: Sugar, sugar and more sugar! Enjoy the sweetness of our blend of five kinds of sugars - nothing but the sweetest of notes! If you are a sugar lover this one can be worn alone, or, add some additional sweetness to your favorite blend!

  • Sticky!: Ah, there’s no food like junk food, and you can’t say you’ve really had fun at a carnival until you’re sticky...the scent of melting cotton candy and the glaze of kettle corn, woodchips from the Midway stuck to the soles of your shoes, the warm miasma of various food vendors lingering in your clothes and hair...a sticky-sweet blur of fairy floss and smoked sugars, sawdusty sandalwood and woodsmoke accord.

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